Dragon Eggs for Dragon Addicts

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Dragon eggs for dragon addicts
This community is for the giving and receiving of eggs and hatchlings.


1. Use the comm the right way. This is not a place to post eggs/hatchlings, trade them, etc. There are other LJ communities for this, please go there instead. Any posts not appropriate to this comm will be deleted. More than once will get the poster banned.
2. Absolutely NO begging. There is a difference between asking for eggs and begging for them. The former is what this community is for - the latter will get you banned.
3. Do not kill gifted eggs.
4. Do not trade away gifted eggs. If for some reason you don't want it anymore, because it turned out to be the wrong gender or for any other reason, please give back to this community by regifting it. Anyone caught trading eggs they receive here will be banned.
5. Respect the wishes of the giver. If the person giving the egg doesn't want it frozen, then don't freeze it. Same goes for if a giver wants the egg named, bred, etc.
6. Do not use a gender preference as a way to get around raising a dragon on your own. Having a preference is fine, but repeated requests for a specific gender will not be added to the lists.


Anyone is eligible to receive an egg/hatchling via this community. There are no restrictions to who can be put on a list, or how many lists someone can be on. Giving away eggs is solely at the discretion of the giver. However, keep in mind that the following may be cause for you to be overlooked for receiving an egg:

Dead dragons (tombstones/broken eggs)
No adults
Already having a lot of a certain dragon (especially rares)
Not using an instant messenger

Givers: It is up to you who you give your eggs to. Scrolls and contact information are supplied to make this as easy as possible. You may post to the community advertising eggs that are available, but please edit these to say the eggs are gone once they're no longer available. This is not a trading thread, so any posts made asking for something in return will be deleted.

Adopters: Keep in mind that the lists are not in order. Being at the top or being on a list longer than someone else does not guarantee you an egg. Do not post to the community saying what you're looking for - follow the link to the appropriate list and leave a comment there. Please also comment when you would like to be removed from a list.

Gender preference: Even if you state a preferred gender, be prepared to be offered eggs. Gender preference is not a means by which to bypass the time and work of raising a dragon, but to provide more information for givers in case someone happens to have a gendered hatchling to give away.

To make a request: Go to the appropriate list and leave a comment containing the following:

Your scroll
Your forum name (if you have one)
Contact on a messenger (AIM, MSN, YIM, etc)
Gender preference (if you have one)
Cave-caught or bred (if you care - can include a specific generation)

** Questions, etc regarding this community should be directed to the community maintainers: jessyvenin skauble

Easy navigation to the lists is here.

There are currently no lists for the following dragons, due to their current unavailability:


Posting eggs for clicks/views: dragonspam
Trading eggs and hatchlings: dragonbrood
Emergency care for low-time eggs/hatchlings: dragon_er